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Here were are working in partnership with the Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging (CRMRB, University of East London) located in the Docklands area in London. Here we engage with the space of migration and multiculturalism that is East London, where many of the project’s participants reside. We explore in particular the connections between past and present in the making of this social and urban space. One of the key activities is a ‘colonial walk’ of the Docklands area with experts from the Centre discussing the history of the colonial links between Britain and the rest of the world.


Urban walk of postcolonial docklands in London – film (23 min):




Alex Gordon (ex president of the RMT Union) talks about the role of the shipping industry in the making of London as an Imperial capital and global city, highlighting connections between past and present, and commenting on the economic power of the London’s Docklands as a key driver of contemporary globalisation: