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Some useful resources and links:

Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Brussels

Congo in Harlem Website

Collectif mémoire coloniale (based in Belgium, in French)

Autograph ABP exhibition – ‘When Harmony Went to Hell’ photographs taken by missionary Alice Seeley Harris in the Congo Free State in 1904

Antislavery – images of Colonial Congo

Fondation Cartier Exhibition Congo-kitoko

JJ Bola British Congolese poet and writer

Friends of the Congo (Congolese organisation based in the US)

Book: Kinshasa, Tale of the Invisible City by F. De Boeck (anthropologist) and F. Plissart (photographer)



Audio-visual resources

‘White King, Red Rubber, Black Death’, BBC documentary film about forced labour in the Congo during King Leopold II’s rule


‘Cemetery State’ film by F. De Boeck, about youth, politics of death and urban life in Kinshasa



‘Rumba and politics in Kinshasa’


 ‘Heritage: musée Tervuren’


‘Tervuren invisible’